Do you use sites like Amazon, Reddit or Hacker News? If you don't use all three of them, you have probably used Amazon in the past. When you are shopping on Amazon, it wastes a lot of time to read user reviews for individual products.

Our review browser plugin solves this problem and saves you time when you are browsing Amazon, Reddit and Hacker News by allowing you to mouse over the link to the reviews, and creating a pop-up where all the reviews just show up without you having to click on them, and waiting for the new page to load. You will be able to briefly browse through many more products on Amazon or posts on Reddit or Hacker News, and decide which item is the best one.

This productivity tool will save you time and help you browse faster and more efficiently next time you are shopping on Amazon or browsing Reddit or Hacker News.

This Chrome extension enables fast link and comment browsing on Reddit and Hacker News. It allows you to browse reviews and questions on Amazon.

Go ahead and install this Chrome extension for faster Reddit, Hacker News and Amazon browsing! The extension is free so you have nothing to lose. And from now on, simply hover over the link to view where it leads to, or hover over comments link to view best comments on Reddit!

Also quickly view Amazon most useful product reviews, and the question&answers section by simply hovering over the link without leaving the page!

FastBrowz Review Browser: Reddit, Hacker News and Amazon chrome extension to enhance productivity and save time.

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